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Constance Manor is an open, elegant, and affordable venue. The Manor offers our guest the space to host a large event, yet the warmth of a home.

Happy New Year!

As we begin a New Year here at Constance Manor we cannot look ahead without reflecting back on what an awesome year 2013 was for us! Many couples chose to share their very special day with us at Constance Manor and we could not have been happier to accommodate their every need. So today, the first [...]


Happy New Year!

Just One Look…That’s All It Took

This Girl Loves Her Country Boy!

The Historic Side of Constance Manor

History Photos

For more than 100 years, the stately old Greek Revival mansion has stood testament to a time gone by. Under the moonlight, the passerby could imagine young people in their Sunday finest engaged in conversation beneath the sheltering grandeur of its full-width portico. That the house had last been used as a funeral home seemed a prophetic conclusion to a time that seemed as distant as the memories of the people who once lived there.

William Luther Blasingame was born June 12, 1860, as the storm of war brewed in the Deep South. The following Jan. 18, Georgia seceded from the Union and the newly formed Confederate States of America prepared to fight for its independence from what they viewed as an oppressive government. Like many of the sons of the South, William T. Blasingame enlisted in the Confederate Army to fight for the Cause of independence and the states' right to govern themselves.